Welcome to Rajan Group


The focus of our research group is to engineer new devices for improved performance and functionality.

We work closely with several partners and collaborators in industry and other universities in the US and around the world.

Our current research is primarily focused on the physics and applications of wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices. Some of the topics we study are

High frequency III-Nitride transistors
High-voltage wide band gap devices
Gallium oxide materials and devices
Visible and UV optoelectronic devices
MBE growth of Gallium Nitride and Gallium Oxide
Heterostructure and transport physics in semiconductors
Devices based on complex perovskite oxide semiconductors

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November 2018: Towhid's work on high composition AlGaN featured in IET! - "High metal channel"

September 2018: Congratulations to Zhanbo Xia and Sriram Krishnamoorthy for winning the 40th JSAP Outstanding Paper Award

June 2018: Congratulations to Prof. Rajan for winning the Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education!

May 2017: Congratulations to Choong for his work being reported in nanotechweb.org

April 2018: Our papers on Gallium Oxide Schottky diodes and delta-doped transistors both featured in Semiconductor Today

April 2018: Our recent paper on modulation doped Gallium Oxide was the Featured Article in Applied Physics Letters, and featured in phys.org, New Electronics, Power Technology, and Nanotechnology News

January 2018: Yuewei's work featured in OSU ECE website! "Creating a safer UV light source"

October 2017: Congratulations to Prof. Rajan for winning the NAMBE Young Investigator Award at NAMBE 2017!

October 2017: Congratulations to Choong Hee Lee for winning the Outstanding Student Paper in NAMBE 2017!

Oct 2017: Congratulations to Yuewei Zhang for winning the best paper award at ISSLED 2017!

May 2017: Our latest paper by Yuewei on tunnel-injected UV LEDs is in Editor's Picks.

May 2017: Congratulations to Choong for his work being reported in nanotechweb.org

"Layered 2D dichalcogenides grow on 3D semiconductors"

April 2017: Congratulations to Yuewei Zhang for winning the prestigious OSU Presidential Fellowship!

April 2017: Our latest paper on Delta-doped β-gallium oxide field-effect transistors is a Spotlight article on Applied Physics Express.

March 2017: Congrats! Choong's paper titled "Molecular beam epitaxy of 2D-layered gallium selenide on GaN substrates." is recently published in JAP (JAP 121, 094302 (2017)).

Feb. 2017: Congrats! Choong's paper titled "A self-limiting layer-by-layer etching technique for 2H-MoS2." is recently published in APEX (Applied Physics Express 10, 035201 (2017)).

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